Messaggio Manfred Weiss

Labour law nowadays is confronted with a whole set of challenges. The world of work is rapidly changing. Globalisation and digitalisation are the main (but not the only)  drivers of this development. Globalization puts pressure on the national economies. Relocation of production and services to other countries is on the agenda. New communication technologiesallow for dividingthe process of production and providing services between different countries all over the globe. Domestic solutions, therefore, are no longer sufficient to meet these challenges. The focus has to be much more than ever on international scale. Digitalization, ranging from mere mobile-work up to the platform economy and artificial intelligence, is affecting working patterns in a way which no longer can be shaped by simple application of traditional instruments of labour law. Adaptation to the new reality is needed as well as innovative ideas.

The indicated transformation requires that labour law scholars and practitioners all over the world cooperate and communicate to find adequate solutions. Continuous dialogue is definitely the best way to succeed. Therefore, the Labour Law Community (LLC) as established by Italian Colleagues is a wonderful example on how to proceed. During this difficult time of the Corona pandemic, where people cannot meet in person, it has already demonstrated by a whole series of webinars, conferences and lectures how important this forum is for the further development of labour law. I am grateful and proud to be a honorary member of the LCC and I wish this initiative all the very best for the future.      

Manfred Weiss